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Daddy Daughter Date

Tonight was Abigale and Aurora’s first ever fancy daddy daughter date night. This was a day I thought would never come... but God. He wove the broken strands of both our families together in the most beautiful way.

Oh, how I grieved that this “would never happen”. I watched over the years as my friends and acquaintances sent their little girls off to events like these while I was swallowed up in our void. Chris had died. I was alone. My daughters were without an earthly daddy.

(Photo: Jenn Fortune Photography)

I worried that my daughters would never get these experiences. I cried so many tears unseen by anyone but the Lord. I’d been blessed with an amazing dad and I had him until I was 27. They would never even have memories with their amazing dad. Our family photos would always have that imbalance, that lack. Chris had physically been there as a dad so briefly, like an hourglass that ends up being a minute timer instead.

(Photo: Jenn Fortune Photography)

Then yesterday, I broke the news to our little girls that Daddy (Don) was taking them out for a fancy dinner. I took them shopping and let them choose new outfits. This afternoon, I got them all gussied up. I did their hair just so; I did tasteful and light makeup. I filled in Abigale’s blonde eyebrows for her as she has recently decided they’re nearly invisible otherwise.

They picked beautiful jewelry to wear. I offered to let them wear the authentic gold and diamond necklaces Don and I gifted them at our wedding. Abigale already had a necklace on and decided to wear them both. The silver necklace has Chris’ monogram as well as a heart-shaped impression of his thumbprint. I was proud of this spontaneous choice. It meant so much to me seeing that my eight-year-old would think to honor both her dads on this special occasion.

They had a wonderful time. Abigale and Aurora were babbling over with excitement to tell me everything. I spent the evening at my mom’s and when I came home I found the three of them in the girls’ room. They were doing their bedtime prayers. My heart was overflowing with joy. Again.

It’s easy as humans to think that some wounds cut too deep... that some voids are too empty to be filled in. But God, my friends, but God...

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