• Aimee Williams

Flashing Lights

It’s just an ordinary summer day 

I’m driving the kids to the park When I see the flashing red and blue ahead Suddenly I’m struggling to breathe My heart’s beating too fast I wonder if I can detour my car I’m caught back in that summer night four years ago... Mom was driving when we passed it She was shaking so I offered to drive My emotions turned off; robotic I saw the twisted metal of broken cars Emergency vehicles all over Flashing lights This was the place my husband lost his life Though his death had not been Revealed to me yet My husband My lover Daddy to my babies My best friend My teenage dream Lifeless on an ER stretcher I’m sucked back to today To the task at hand Drive your kids to the park, Aimee Press the tears back down into their wells Swallow the flashback This is trauma 

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